2nd International ParaFrap Conference

2nd International ParaFrap conference

« From basic research to intervention strategies against parasites »

Les Embiez Island, France, 2-5 october 2016



Dear Participants,

Thank you for participating in the 2nd ParaFrap Conference in Les Embiez! We are grateful that you took the time and effort to come and discuss your work at the meeting and we hope you have enjoyed the meeting and the venue.

Your feedback and suggestions for improvements would be most appreciated (parafrap@sciencesconf.org).

We hope to see you in two years (october 2018), at the 3rd International ParaFrap Conference ;-)

All the best,

Stephanie BLANDIN and Maryse LEBRUN
Scientific organizers

Yoann Millerioux
ParaFrap Manager

Artur SCHERF, Frédéric BRINGAUD & Patrick BASTIEN
ParaFrap Board


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